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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Here's my 2012 year end summary, or at least an attempt to remember and capture some of the highlights!

At the park
Owen is such an enthusiastic little guy. He is a constant source of entertainment, for us and those around us. He is extremely social, and has started greeting people in public saying, “Hi, I Owie. What’s your name?”. He’s just moved into a big boy bed, and is learning to exhibit self control by staying in bed at night. He loves playing outside, running, riding the swings on his belly, and like a big boy when we push him. He is a great climber, although trees still scare him, which we are thankful about! He’s not in a hurry to grow up and enjoys cuddling and calling himself “baby Owen” or “Owie”.

Ski school!
Leif has grown up so much this year. In February he attended his first week of school, at ski school in Steamboat, Colorado!
In March he turned 4, at which point he informed us that he knows everything, which is practically true at this point. He can climb trees, swing, write his name, fold his own laundry. What else is there to know?

Leif's first day of Pre-K
He started Pre-K in August at a Montessori school and is really thriving. His favorite activity right now is puzzles. He’s learning to add using objects or his fingers, writing letters and numbers, and sounding out words, and has become very good at coloring within the lines. He has become much more social, and is constantly wanting to learn new things, even though when you tell him something new, he usually tells you he already knew that. He’s 4, remember?
He lost his first tooth in November. He recently moved up to the early elementary school age Sunday school, where he shares & enjoys learning. We’re so proud of him. He is such an amazing BIG boy. He’s NOT a little boy, just ask him!

The boys together are a bit like a roller coaster. They are either laughing hysterically and coming up with games together, or wrestling and knocking each other over battling. It’s been nice that Owen can “hold his own” this year, because they often bond after a short struggle. In short, they love each other like crazy, and they are ALL boy! 

At Rock City in Chattanooga
Dawn has stayed busy this year finding crafts for the kids to do, exercising, doing projects for the house, and still doing some photography. She did the Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon in March, and biked 48 miles in September with Charles in the Beautiful Backroads ride supporting the Hickory Log Men’s Home for the mentally challenged. She has enjoyed being a part of Charles’ Thursday night live, almost every month this year, even co-leading a dance night with Charles in February.

Mountain Biking in Chattanooga
Charles and Dawn celebrated their 10th anniversary in September, and traveled to Chattanooga in October for a weekend to celebrate. Charles’ parents watched the kids for the weekend, which was a great experience for everyone!

Skateboarding down our street.
Charles has had another great year at Grace Ministries counseling more hours than ever before and teaching workshops and advanced training seminars. In each of these areas he is enjoying the deepening realization of Jesus leading him every step of the way, with His hand on Charles’ shoulder as he learns to listen ever more patiently to the hearts of the people he is serving, and to God’s voice as He speaks truth in their lives. In January he began the Thursday Night Live: a program for anyone who is connected to GMI to have a night each month to reconnect, experience Christ in community and discuss LIFE together. Some of the topics have been Dancing with Jesus: Learning to Follow, Breath of Life, and Flow... In attendance are past graduates of our advanced training, fellow counselors at GMI, and people who have only attended a conference, or just begun counseling. It has been a safe place to grow and process together in a community setting. Charles continues to run, bike and swim for exercise, often biking as far as 100 miles in a weekend...or in a day.
Trying out the trail-a-bike!
We got Leif a trail-a-bike that Charles attaches to the back of his bike, and together they have biked 20 miles of trail in one day, including some intermediate mountain bike trails at Blanket’s Creek! Leif loves biking with Charles, and they have had some really special days together. Charles and Owen also have a special bond in their enthusiasm and energy. Charles will hang out with Owen, kicking a ball around, and will be blown away by Owen’s ability to just keep going...sounds a little bit like his dad!

MyMy & Papa (Charles' parents) swinging!
The boys reading books in Owen's new bunk bed.

Nana (Dawn's mom) walking with Owen (the monkey) on Halloween.
Leif dressed as the black Angry Bird for Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch with MyMy & Papa!
We learned to make sushi this year.

Leif pushing Owen on the swing, and best buddy Will!

Leif and Charles got to go to a Monster Truck show!

Owen visiting the fire station.

Dawn trailing Owen behind her bike.

At the playground!

Mountain biking in Chattanooga.

Leif at a playground back in January.

Trying out his tricycle. (Feb 2012)

Bouncy castle with Owen, Leif & Will!

Boys on the Merry-Go-Round

This year we discovered Legos!

Owen in January 2012

Owen, in the woods, carrying a golf club, (or a stick) pretty much summarizes our fall!

We visited the fountain in Olympic Park several times this summer.

Daddy's little helper!

Painting treasure boxes- Leif's for his tooth, Owen's for his rock collection.

Owen & I walked our block a lot this fall. This particular time he brought his suitcase.

Biking in the park.

Swinging super- high!


Bridge at a nearby park.


Leif climbing our cherry blossom tree with 10 year old neighbor Oscar.

Becoming quite the climber!

Halloween decor.

Sushi! He eats the unlimited California rolls, and has eaten over 20 in one sitting.

Playing in the stream.

Leif's first laundry folding.

Yes! We still have the bunny.


Kissing mommy after her triathlon.

Painting at the children's museum.

Leif's first canoe ride with Charles in Upstate NY.

Playing with Pop (Dawn's Dad) in Upstate NY.